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12000 N. Nebraska Ave.

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Passport Photos, Visa Photos, Citizenship Photos,
Green Card Photos,
Immigration Photos and ID Photos

In Tampa, Florida

For All Countries Including Canada

plus Gun Permit Photos

Serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Lakeland.
In Five Minutes or Less

Passport Photos, Visa Photos, Immigration Photos, Photographs for Citizenship Applications as well as Green Card Photos and Gun Permit Photos must be legally exact. Don't take a chance with non-professional ID pics taken at a chain type store. These stores rarely keep up with the ever changing rules and photograph size requirements created after 9-11. Remember, you are dealing with Governments. They don't care how you look, but they demand correct photographs.

Bad ID photographs are the most common reason for Passport or Visa rejections.

Biometric Passport ID Photos are what governments want and at Feldman's Photography we know how to produce them.

Having your passport picture and visa picture done incorrectly is a nuisance and very costly. We suggest doing it right the first time!

We are located in Tampa Florida just 9 miles north of downtown and within a short drive from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Lakeland Florida. We have a high speed printer that can print your passport photos, visa pictures, green cards, id photos or gun permit photographs in only minutes.

We can meet all legal standards for all countries! Very few portrait studios that will even attempt creating an ID photo for Canadaians or infants and small children.

Please call Feldman's Photography at 813-685-4343 M-F from 10-7 to make an appointment so that you do not have to wait for longer portrait sessions to be completed.

We guarantee that your passport and visas will be accepted by all governments. If our ID photos are rejected we will take them again at no charge.

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